Leveraging your employees and LinkedIn to amplify your brand credibility

Leveraging your employees and LinkedIn to amplify your brand credibility

LinkedIn has evolved from being the top job networking platform into now being positioned as a broad-based business platform that enables companies to build credibility within their industries while also interacting with decision-makers.

According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, 62% of people trust a brand's social media more than its advertising. And Michael Brenner, a nationally respected content marketing expert and former VP of Marketing at SAP, noted in The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy that "Employees are every brand's greatest asset with the power to build your brand and attract and retain the best talent." Your employees are one of the most authentic marketing assets that you have access to.

Creating a company LinkedIn page is your first step, but the real traction and engagement will start to come when your employees start advocating for the company through their LinkedIn connections. For every connection that your company page will have, your employees can have up to 10X that number.


Here are the 5 things that you need to do to turn your employees into advocates on LinkedIn:

01. Create Content to Improve Visibility on Search Engines

There are a number of ways that you and your employees can use LinkedIn to get noticed by Google and other search engines.

Long-form articles: Articles are a great way to build your credibility and attract attention to your brand. Encourage your employees to display their knowledge by posting articles to LinkedIn and also share from others in the company as wells a from clients.

Trending posts: LinkedIn chooses certain posts and boosts them to members. This is a good reason to encourage employees to share timely news from both the company and clients. Remind them to use hashtags as these are instrumental for getting noticed on LinkedIn.

Videos: Videos, as well as text, can be shared on the newsfeed from the company about clients.

LinkedIn Live: You can engage with contacts in real-time with live video. This is still a fairly new and undiscovered feature on LinkedIn, making it a good way for companies to gain visibility.


linkedin-sales-navigator-u3hmzw5U-SI-unsplash02. Keep Your Brand Image Consistent Across Social Media Channels

There are many benefits to recruiting your employees for your social media efforts. A team effort means more content and a diversity of voices. At the same time, you want to maintain brand consistency with all of your content. The ideal is to find a balance between letting people express their unique personalities while staying true to your brand's position, message, tone and core values. .


03. Share Company News and Updates

It’s very easy to share news, updates, and links. If your employees get into the habit of sharing relevant information, it can provide your followers with a steady stream of content.


linkedin-sales-navigator-UK1N66KUkMk-unsplashV204. Share Open Jobs and Connect With Potential Employees

What better way to find the most suitable candidates than having your team share the company job postings.


05. Build a Community

LinkedIn groups can be a powerful tool for building online communities. Starting a group is a simple way to connect with people in your industry who could become employees, partners, or simply colleagues with whom you can share news and advice. You can choose two approaches:

  • Join existing groups or
  • Start a community from scratch. If you have a number of employees on board, you have a head start. Members should then invite the appropriate people in thier networks to join contacts (on LinkedIn and other platforms) to join.


Your Employees are Valuable Brand Advocates

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for your employees to act as your brand ambassadors while also building their individual reputations. By encouraging them to write original content, share the company content, create and participate in industry-related communities, and network with potential partners and future employees, they can help you build the company’s reputation while gaining more exposure for themselves.

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Arthur Zeesman
Written by Arthur Zeesman

Arthur Zeesman is a serial entrepreneur, former ad agency owner, and an alum and current ambassador for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. He is chief growth officer at FIDGET. Email Arthur directly at az@fidgetbranding.com or call him at 323.658.8000.