Content That Matters

Content That Matters

How can you become a valued voice in social media?

Social media feeds can feel like an LA freeway at rush hour — overload! As a businessperson, I don’t want to waste my time. And as someone who strives to be thoughtful in my interactions, I want to be part of conversations that are useful and meaningful. Here’s how I approach ADDING VALUE in my social media posts.

1. Bring a fresh point of view. 
Piling on to a popular opinion doesn’t accomplish much for your business. Avoid the pile-on. Instead, post your fresh take. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. Focus on quality, not quantity of your comments.
2. Share your expertise. 
What’s your special set of skills? Share your insider knowledge in replies or original posts. What’s obvious to you from your expert standpoint may not be at all obvious to anyone else. Let us in on the wisdom you’ve worked so hard to build. Share it, and let the dialogue happen.
3. Amplify and elevate other voices. 
Social media for business tends to focus on how much content you should create, what kind of content, how frequently to publish ... all that builds your position as a content author. But being a good LISTENER is also a crucial part of being an effective social media presence. You want to be the kind of person or organization that knows how to listen and respond. Remember, it’s a conversation. Retweet, Like, and Share voices and ideas that align with your values and business goals. Be careful about promoting clients’ issues or content. You can end up looking more like a cheerleader than a thought leader.

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What expertise can you better elevate through your social media activity? What worthy person or organization did you discover or follow this week? (Tell us!)

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About the Social Media for the Reluctant series:

People assume that because I’m a marketer, I’m a natural at social media. Spoiler alert: I’m not — and I know I’m not the only one. Over the last decade, we’ve seen social media become an important way for businesspeople to raise their profile, promote their skills and share their thought leadership. Establishing this personal brand is part business and part personality — and the line between can get blurry.

But the skills that make for successful face-to-face connections don’t always translate to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or other social feeds. This series is for anyone who, like me, is sometimes a reluctant social media user.

Bonnie Nijst
Written by Bonnie Nijst

Bonnie Nijst has been a wire service bureau manager, and VP of sales for both a publicly traded broadcast communications company and an Internet startup. She has also served on boards for organizations focused on economic opportunity, diversity, public health and civic engagement. She is president and CEO at FIDGET. Email Bonnie directly at or call her at 323.658.8000.