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Coronal Energy

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  • Client:Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic
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  • Category:Alternative Energy

In 2012, changes in federal funding left the solar landscape littered with unfinished projects. Enter: Coronal Management, bringing the finance and asset management expertise that would get these stalled projects up and running. In 2014, Coronal's acquisition of HelioSage Energy (and its development and construction capabilities) enabled them to offer a true end-to-end solar solution. The new Coronal Group joined forces with Panasonic™ in 2015, and were soon named the third-fastest growing privately held company by the Los Angeles Business Journal. They were also renamed Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic.

FIDGET helped Coronal develop a position and brand that were authentic and agile enough to turn on a dime in response to a constantly changing market, rife with opportunities. Then we shepherded the brand through every shift, providing a consistent voice and vibe, even as the message (and messengers) changed. 

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