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With heightened airport security post-9/11, travelers were spending more time in airports than ever before. But you wouldn’t have known it by their food and beverage purchases. Which is little wonder, given the available options consisted mainly of fast food, barely discernible from its plastic containers, and overpriced nachos and hot wings in the soothing ambience of a sports bar. HMSHost could see the gap. But they needed our help to fill it.

FIDGET helped them create two new upscale restaurant concepts, from the brand up. Umaizushi — which was one of the first to be so bold as to serve sushi in an airport — has grown from its flagship in Zurich to locations in Dubai, Honolulu, Houston and Atlanta. And Délice Maison, a French bakery/café, now has locations in Rome, Milan, Jakarta and Cantabria, Spain … and is giving the green mermaid a run for her money. 

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