Finding the (he)art of a brand.

Robert Siegel Studio

Scope of work

A young, Los Angeles-based ceramics artist who had built a buzz in celebrity circles for his soulful tableware, Robert Siegel initially hired FIDGET to help him grow his fledgling business with a focus on bridal registries. But as we explored staking out a position in this increasingly saturated area of the maker marketplace, it didn’t feel as natural and right as we knew it could. So we took a step back. And we looked around. At the source of the artist’s passion: fond memories of nightly dinners at the family table. And his belief that everyone deserves a seat there.
Informed by this history and by Robert’s recent work with Top Chef alum Nyesha Arrington, we shifted our focus to restaurants and collaborations with other creatives and influencers. Moving this maker forward, but in a way that lets him stay true to his heart as well as his roots.
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