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Truimph Business Capital

"We were really drawn to the team’s responsiveness and how much they wanted to understand the business: they wanted to be a partner in the strategy as well as implement a solution." 

- Haley Heard,
Senior Project Manager

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Triumph Business Capital
Triumph Business Capital provides invoice factoring for the trucking industry to over 7,000 small to mid-size businesses across the United States.

The Challenge
Triumph is a long-time user of Salesforce, but only for sales engagement. Underwriting was always implemented using a manual process. Management had been reluctant to expand their use of Salesforce as the operations team was resistant to change and not tech-savvy.

Market pressure, as well as concerns from it’s parent company about profitability, were requiring a turnaround 1-2 days on loan applications, but their legacy processes average 5-7 days. Additionally, having two separate, disconnected systems had been operationally ineffective and was preventing Triumph from scaling while remaining competitive and profitable.

The Solution
Triumph turned to CloudMyBiz (CMB) for an assessment of not only the sales side of the system but to provide a reality check on what would be required to migrate underwriting onto Salesforce, transition the process, train the operations team and significantly speed up the turnaround time on deals.

The enhancements required for the sales side were minimal, the underwriting and processing side was the exciting challenge. CMB developed a roadmap that started by listening to the operations team’s concerns and apprehensions. With that knowledge, the team got to experience how they would be trained and then shown all the advantages and benefits they would experience with an implemented Salesforce platform.

The Result
A high-level of engagement by the admin team enabled CMB to quickly, and painlessly automate the manual processes, eliminating many of their mundane and redundant tasks, as well as a myriad of inefficiencies. Both sides of the company realized vast improvements in customer satisfaction, reduced operational cost and time for each deal while increasing lead conversion and overall transparency for the parent company.

Key Benefits
Increased new client signings 3% year-over-year
Reduced application underwriting time from 5-7 days to 1 day or less
     » Reduced head count by one-third
Implementation of an opportunity timer provides:
     » Advanced metrics on employees speed at each stage of the process
     » Enabling targeted training and re-hiring efforts, further increasing efficiency
The company now consistently scores excellent marks from the auditors

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Elotek Systems

Elotek systems is a leading manufacturers’ representative and solutions provider of technical products including sensors, measuring instruments, and telemetry instrumentation across the 13 Western States. The team has a 30-year reputation for sourcing the best product solutions, at competitive prices while always providing great service and delivering, on-time, everywhere.

The Challenge
Elotek’s existing database was developed over 30 years ago. A recent increase in developer and reporting errors, incorrect commission reporting and lack of order visibility had management and sales concerned that the platform would not be able to keep pace with the new market demands and the company’s growth objectives.

The Solution
Elotek sought out CMB as their partner who would not only provide the analysis of the current system, determine which performance-based platform could support the anticipated long-term growth but also implement it quickly and cost-effectively and then train the staff and remote sales teams so that they would embrace and use the new toolset.

The Result
Multiple platforms were reviewed. Through the discovery process, CMB learned that the Elotek teams – sales, customer support, and admin –  were not tech-savvy, and a formal training process never implemented. Ultimately, Salesforce proved to offer the most flexible and quickest platform to implement. It also proved to be the easiest for training staff and the remote sales teams. The entire sales process and the quote, order and invoice system was overhauled, enabling the sales team to increase sales conversion by more than 20% within the first year, while increasing revenue by 32%.

Key Benefits
Lead conversion increase of 21% in the first year
Increased revenue of 32%
Developing custom-built components and features resulted in establishing a:
     » Commission statement wizard and automation tool reducing the process
         from 3 days to 3 hours
     » Sophisticated sales rep scorecard which made tracking the reps activities
         more transparent
     » Monthly performance scorecards for the entire company resulting in
         improved efficiencies

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Rewards Network

Rewards Network: A Similar Challenge
A Transition In Progress

Rewards Network is in the business of providing working capital and marketing services to over 25,000 restaurants across the country. The IT team implemented Salesforce almost 10 years ago. Over the past few years, there have been only minimal changes to enhance the platform or to engage the users. The result is that Rewards Network missed out on many of the broad advancements and integrations that Salesforce has brought to the market.

The Challenge
TowerBrook Capital Partners recently purchased the company with the goal of expanding the company’s market share through the integration of smaller independents and additional service offerings to accelerate growth. Management has been struggling with the IT teams’ inability to:
Increase user adoption
Improve data integrity and reliability
Eliminate ineffective rules of engagement with customers
Correct inaccurate forecasting and reporting
Evaluate each department performances

The Solution
CloudMyBiz (CMB), which had previously worked with a member associated with TowerBrook, was brought in to partner with the IT team – not replace them. CMB was to provide expert guidance and consulting to help IT to optimize its Salesforce instance. The key areas of improvement that needed assistance were:
Normalize the data model
Build a scalable system designed for future growth,
Improve engagement with the staff and sales teams to
Process and visibility

Through its discovery process, CMB quickly evaluated the situation, discovered the gaps, determine where enhancements and integrations were required to improve customer satisfaction.  A process was also implemented on how best to engage and then train the administrative and remote sales teams while also creating an environment where the IT team was viewed as a trusted partner wanting to support all the departments.

The Result
70% of the platform enhancements and integrations have been implemented, and a large portion of the training processes have been determined, tested and are ready for launch.

Management and IT are already seeing vast improvements in the following areas:
Driving customer acquisition through proper use of CR
Creating greater user adoption by automating important end-user processes
Optimizing Salesforce as a CRM/sales tool to get a greater ROI in Salesforce
Creating workflows and tools within Salesforce that create a more collaborative,
   streamlined work environment
Educating through a smarter approach to team training and engagement

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