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It's true: "Your brand is what they say it is."

Still, every touchpoint is an opportunity to nurture relationships with leads and customers, to deepen their trust and influence their behavior. From your visual identity and messaging to site usability and content relevance, we can help you deliver authentic, meaningful and mutually rewarding experiences that bring what they say your brand is into perfect alignment with what you want your brand to be.



We’ve named, branded and rebranded our fair share of companies, organizations and products in the last few decades.

And while a lot has changed in that time, what hasn’t is the fact that branding depends on consistency. Which requires strategy.

We start by asking questions. And listening. We find out how your key stakeholders and target prospects see you. How your company sees itself. What the market and competitive landscape look like. And where the opportunity lies. We then deliver those findings in a comprehensive report, including recommendations for:

  • positioning and differentiation
  • defining and prioritizing target personas
  • top-line and support messaging
  • personality and brand voice
  • touchpoints and timing
  • tracking, testing and measuring success

RSS Strategy


Sometimes, the hardest story to tell is your own.

If you’re constantly comparing your brand to the competition, it can be hard to see its authentic, unique greatness. But when you set yourself apart, your only competition is you.

So we help clients see themselves with fresh eyes and distill their many strengths down to a single, compelling benefit. That one thing they’ll be known for. That people will want to be a part of. Like Uber’s swagger. Target’s aesthetic. Or Apple’s … Apple-ness.

We then deliver a messaging platform comprising the three elements that will guide your marketing communications moving forward:

  1. Positioning statement – Defines what sets you apart and for whom. (For internal use only.)
  2. Overarching message – Distilled from your positioning statement, this is the essential message that you want to convey to your audience.
  3. Key support messages – The proof points of your overarching message.

USC Marshall Messaging


Everything's in a name.  

It’s your audience’s first connection with your brand. Provided that it resonates. And it’s relevant. And interesting. And memorable. In any case, your name is your first impression, and as such, a lasting one. With so much at stake, naming (or renaming) a product, service or company is not something to enter into lightly. 

Fortunately, we’ve been tapped to name everything from nutraceuticals and medical scrubs to restaurants, nonprofits … even branding and marketing firms such as this one. So we have it down to a science-ish art. One that consistently yields names that set brands and organizations apart. Names that do more than get the attention of the right people. They tell them what matters. They make them curious. And they make them care.

YES Naming


As that perennial sage, David Lee Roth, said, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how good you look.”

What he didn’t say (but surely knew) was that the latter can predict the former. After all, your visual identity is the first experience your audience will have of your brand. A largely subconscious experience. Which makes it all the more powerful.

Identity systems typically include logo, business card and stationery design. Every element should serve a purpose, whether it’s to communicate the brand’s position, differentiate it from others in the space, impart a vibe or tell a story. So we create brand guidelines that specify usage requirements and restrictions — from colors and fonts to spacing, placement and visual hierarchies — to ensure that your brand identity consistently fulfills its purpose. And its promise.

ProStar Identity




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