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Sometimes, the hardest story to tell is your own.

If you’re constantly comparing your brand to the competition, it can be hard to see its authentic, unique greatness. But when you set yourself apart, your only competition is you.

So we help clients see themselves with fresh eyes and distill their many strengths down to a single, compelling benefit. That one thing they’ll be known for. That people will want to be a part of. Like Uber’s swagger. Target’s aesthetic. Or Apple’s … Apple-ness.

We then deliver a messaging platform comprising the three elements that will guide your marketing communications moving forward:

  1. Positioning statement – Defines what sets you apart and for whom. (For internal use only.)
  2. Overarching message – Distilled from your positioning statement, this is the essential message that you want to convey to your audience.
  3. Key support messages – The proof points of your overarching message.

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