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As of this writing, Google was processing over 72,534 searches per second.

That’s a whole lot of people looking for specific products or services like yours. Many of whom are looking because they’re ready to buy. Which makes this some of the sweetest, juiciest, low-hanging fruit there is. And SEO can help it fall right into your hands.

Some think of SEO as a way to “trick” search engines into a top ranking through a barrage of keywords or links. Good luck with that. Integrated AI and increasingly sophisticated search algorithms demand a lot more. Like trust. Relevance. And authority. Pretty highfalutin stuff for a bot, but here are some actionable tips for meeting those demands:

  • Create useful content, made for users, not search engines. Know what your target audience is looking for and serve it up.
  • Stay in your lane with content related to your expertise and offerings. Would you trust a financial advisor to solve your IT issues? Exactly.
  • Speak the language. How would your audience phrase it? Even better, how would they ask Siri to find it? Behold, your long-tail keywords.
  • Don’t hide. Your site design should be mobile-friendly and structured so that the pathways to your content are clear. And numerous.

If you really want to go down the SEO rabbit hole, Moz (the authority on all things search), has a handy-dandy primer available to peruse online or download free here.

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* Google searches in one second