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Social media is word-of-mouth on blast.  

It’s trusted. It’s addictive. And everyone’s on it. Little wonder, then, that it’s also a powerful way to market your business in the B2B space. Think about it: when you post something on social, it’s not just your personal credibility at stake. It’s your company’s. So when you’re willing to put yourself (and your company) out there, people listen.

Which is why social is critical for distributing content. From LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your followers have already indicated they want to hear what you have to say. But they want to be heard, too. So don’t just generate leads. Nurture them:

  • Listen more. If you’re not having real life conversations with prospects, social is your chance to understand their wants, needs and pain points.
  • Be direct. Pay attention to what people are talking about (hashtags are your friend) and share specific content directly with the ones who need it.
  • Show thought leadership. If you can become their go-to for sage advice when they’re not ready to buy, guess who they’ll call when they are.

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